The Boxcommander was developed by an RCA.  The idea came to him while delivering mail in an upscale neighborhood where the mail volume is so heavy at times it takes two hands to put the mail in the box.  He tried releasing his middle finger to open the boxes and it worked sometimes, but often he couldn’t release that finger and hold the mail.

He thought if only I had something that stuck out to engage the box, lid, clasp or what ever it takes to open the myriad of boxes mail carriers encounter everyday, it would save time and the wear and tear on his arm.

The idea never went away and he credits it to GOD!  He finally tried to come up with something and did.


While using the homemade prototype he found it was better than he could have imagined.  He got to the point he didn’t want to deliver without it!

So the prototype became what you see here-even better than what he had been using!  It will take some getting used to, but once you do you will not deliver without it. Engineering help from Big Bang IP and manufactured in the USA by Seaway Plastics.

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